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By Elizabeth Campsen for Island Eye News

Fellow Isle of Palms residents,

Since filing to run for a seat on the Isle of Palms City Council, I have realized that while my heart truly wants to serve the residents of the Isle of Palms as a councilmember, my head knows that the time constraints at this point in my life are too great. The very characteristics I feel would make me an effective City Council member are also the traits that are keeping me from being able to dedicate 100% of myself to the task. I do not feel the residents of the Isle of Palms deserve any less than that. I am encouraged to see a large number of candidates enter the race and know that this can only mean good things for the future of our island.

I appreciate all of the kind words and encouragement I have received over the course of the last few weeks from people I have met. I also appreciate the encouragement I have received from our current council and administration over the last few years. Not only will I continue to proudly serve the citizens of the Isle of Palms on the Board of Zoning Appeals, but I will also continue to be a vocal advocate for the preservation and enhancement of the quality of life for the residents of the Isle of Palms.

Thank you ~ Elizabeth Campsen

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