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When Given Lemons

Staff Report for Island Eye News 

William Swinney

William Swinney recently offered to share his lemonade proceeds with the Exchange Club to help with its waterfront improvements so they may serve not for profit organizations in the area.

At age 12, William has been taught the value of giving to others by his parents.  This is a valuable lesson that will last a lifetime.  Melody Yale, Exchange Club President thanks William and noted his contribution with that of many others demonstrates the continued generosity that the Exchange Club has enjoyed through their many initiatives to help those in need. She noted admiration for William’s hard work, “So our facilities will be improved so that many will enjoy this unique space for generations to come.”

The Exchange Club will acknowledge William, a seventh grader at Moultrie Middle School, at its ribbon cutting ceremony this month and for his efforts he will cast the first official fishing line.  Good luck William.

For more information please call 843.886.5224.

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