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Water line break forces islands on to well water

Due to a malfunction in the water line that services Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island, both islands are operating off well water until the line is repaired, which could be a month or more.

“The water is safe to drink,” said IOP City Administrator Linda Tucker. “The Isle of Palms Water and Sewer Commission indicates that they have shut off all IOP Water and Sewer service customers’ irrigation meters to conserve water. Conservation is appreciated. The water is safe to drink; however, the taste may be a little different since the water will be a combination of treated well water blended with RO water.” Similar irrigation restrictions have been placed on Sullivan’s residents.

Charleston Water System provides drinking water to Sullivan’s Island and supplements the Isle of Palms’ supply through a 20-inch water main that crosses the Charleston Harbor near Fort Johnson to Sullivan’s Island.

CWS was required to close the supply line Wednesday evening to repair a leak. The Isle of Palms is using its primary and back-up wells to serve its customers and Sullivan’s Island until repairs are complete.

According to Sullivan’s Island Town Administration the water supply should be back to normal in about four weeks. In the meantime conservation, while not mandatory, would be wise.

“Big kudos to all for having ‘fail safe’ mechanisms in place and immediately mobilizing into action so citizens are relatively unaffected by this occurrence,” Tucker said. “Situations like this test preparedness in times other than major disasters.”



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