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Turtle Team Presents “Loggerhead Lessons”

By Mary Pringle, Island Turtle Team

On Saturday April 20 from 9:30 until 11:30 a.m., the Island Turtle Team is offering an educational program for children ages ten and under to be held on Isle of Palms front beach in front of the VFW Post next to the Windjammer. This program is limited to 75 children and is free of charge but advance registration is required.

Featured are seven different stations where children will get their “Passports” stamped. They will participate in activities that will provide lessons about Nesting, Nest Protection, Hatching, Comparison of Sea Turtle Species, an Art Project, and a Puppet show. Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island Turtle Team members will teach and guide them through this process, which should be a lot of fun.

Children will rotate from station to station. They will learn what a Loggerhead nest looks like under the sand. They will also practice probing for “eggs” in nests and relocating these to a safe area in the dunes, which will be marked by orange signs. They will compare their own heights to the lengths of various species of sea turtles. And they will learn the difference between various objects found on the beach – which are natural and which are “beach litter” that might pose a danger to Loggerheads. In addition, a puppet show will act out the nesting/hatching process. Participants will also create a large work of “turtle art.” Each child will receive a “goody bag” with educational items such as stickers and an activity booklet.

This is the first year that Loggerhead Lessons is being offered by the Turtle Team, but if it is well-received, it may be repeated next spring.

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