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The Green Heron tidies its nest

The clear lot behind the Green Heron on Sullivan's Island.

The clear lot behind the Green Heron on Sullivan's Island.

By Dylan Sharek

The overgrown patch of low lying brush behind the Green Heron on Sullivan’s Island is in the process of being transformed from a poison ivy riddled snake’s paradise to a cleared, comfortable entrance to the popular island general store. As of early this week, the lot has been mostly cleared except for some remaining debris.

Spearheaded by local businesses Brown Contractors, Yard Works, and Melissa “Trash Gurl” Vaughn, the maintenance project is a completely volunteer effort. Brown Contractors performed the heavy labor, grubbing eyesore vines and growth from the lot, with Yard Works performing some of the more technical clearings and groundwork preparations. Vaughn provided all the sanitation receptacles and coordinated waste disposal.

“We went in and weeded; did all the picking up from years of accumulation,” said Laurie Ulmer of Yard Works. “Every time something gets cleaned up, it’s for the better.”

No trees were removed and any wildlife found during the cleaning was properly relocated. In the end, almost three large, open top dumpsters worth of trash and overgrowth were cleared from the lot. Within the next week, Green Heron owners Tim and Heather Holbrook will lay sod and seed in an attempt to turn the area into a green space.

According to the Holbrooks, the improvement of the back lot will allow Green Heron patrons to utilize the store’s back entrance just off of I’on. The owners also cited safety as one of the main reasons for the project. As Middle Street traffic continues to swell and more children frequent the establishment, a need for a safer entrance to the shop has become a necessity for the owners.

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