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Technological Tools: Communication Expanded on IOP

By Blake Bunch

Most Isle of Palms residents are familiar with the City of Isle of Palms website,, however, some may not know of a public survey/comment forum that is now available on the town’s page, which will ultimately benefit residents and those who protect them, alike. This item was brought up during the citizen’s comments section of the last IOP City Council meeting on September 28, and it was noted that the survey worked out so well,that it was recommended for other departments to follow suit in the future.

To view the survey/comment forum, go to and enter “police-citizen’s survey” in the search field.. It does not take very long to complete and allows you to rank your satisfaction with the IOP Police Department. It also asks basic questions such as, “What recommendations would improve the Isle of Palms Police Department’s quality of service?” At the end of this survey, they allow space to leave your contact information, only if you wish to be contacted, in regards to your suggestions.

According to Council member Sandy Stone, there is now a way to contact each department on the town’s website in this way. It is hoped that the communication levels between the public and local government will benefit a great deal from this new technology, and so far it has been impressive to see such quick change as a result.

The police-citizen survey is being conducted in direct correlation with the Isle of Palms Police Department’s annual evaluation and accreditation process. Stone noted that,“This police force wants to do more than the bare minimum. What they’re doing now is looking to gain more prestigious accreditation through their work on the island. They are a nationally known department, and recognized for the great job they have done over the years.”

If you log on to the home page, you can contact each respective department under the comments and questions link. It is definitely refreshing to see this level of communication between those who represent us and the general public. This is just one of the many elements that make life a little better being an islander.

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