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Take The Plunge

Photo by Bennett Gilhuly (age 13)

2020 started with a bang at the Dunleavy’s Pub New Year’s Day Polar Plunge on Jan. 1. Thousands of participants took the plunge in the Atlantic and also donated to support 30,000 Special Olympics athletes in South Carolina. Over the past 18 years Dunleavey’s Pub on Sullivan’s Island has raised $482,000 for special Olympics.

Bill Dunleavey was first contacted by the SC Special Olympics to help send Trista Kutcher, a local athlete who had qualified for the World Special Olympics, to Dublin, Ireland. They needed to raise $7000.00 to finance her trip and decided to pair with a local Irish pub. The event raised $13,000 and both she and her parents were able to make the trip. It is now an annual event held on January 1. Bill Dunleavy presented a check on Monday, Jan.13 at Dunleavy’s.

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