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Tag: Weather

Mar 06 2018

Letter To The Editor: Kinghorn Spins False Narrative

Dear Editor,  In his most recent letter to the editor, IOP Councilman Kinghorn has continued to spin a false narrative that IOP will never again face devastating weather events. He has proposed that we have no need to set aside adequate emergency disaster funds. In conjunction, Kinghorn has in the past both cavalierly and disingenuously …

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Feb 23 2018

Letter To The Editor: Williams

Dear Editor, Many thanks to the Island Eye and Rick Reed for the two articles on Aging in Place: the Senior Village concept for Sullivan’s Island and IOP. My Plan A is to live out my days on Sullivan’s Island, but the recent weather-related episodes support my daughters’ argument that I move to higher ground-Plan …

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Oct 23 2017

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: October 2017

By Pat O’Neil for The Island Eye News Dear Island Neighbors, I hope you are enjoying the wonderful fall weather that has finally found its way to us. We are competing with a crowded paper this issue, so to respect your time I’ll try to be briefer than usual. (And shame on those of you …

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Oct 18 2017

Best Fishing Of The Year Is Here

By Geoff Bennett for The Island Eye News Fall has arrived with cooler weather and shorter days. But don’t put your boat away just yet because we’re about to experience the best fishing of the year! Fishermen can continue to find success with live bait but artificial lures should become increasingly effective. Make time to …

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Sep 10 2017

Hurricane Irma Update #9- Sullivan’s Island

By Andy Benke for Island Eye News Good afternoon Island residents, As reported yesterday, the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center upgraded the status in Charleston County from Tropical Storm Watch and Storm Surge Watch to TROPICAL STORM WARNING AND TROPICAL STORM SURGE WARNING.  This status change was anticipated.   A tropical storm warning and tropical surge …

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Aug 10 2017

Weather Alert

By Dave Williams for Island Eye News I can watch hurricanes for days on satellites orbiting the earth. I can even track tornadoes on Doppler radar. The one thing you cannot foretell is where that next lightning strike is going to connect between the cloud and the earth. Let’s start with the basics, a lightning …

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Mar 08 2017

Warm Weather Means Productive Fishing

By Capt. Geoff Bennett for The Island Eye News The warmest weather that I can remember has been terrific for our fishery. Higher than normal water temperatures have made for some productive fishing. I never thought I would say this, but there has been a decent trout bite in February. Days filled with sun and …

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Jan 22 2017

Red Cross Urges Families To Prepare For Possible Impacts From Severe Weather

Staff Report for Island Eye News Severe weather is forecasted to affect South Carolina this weekend, bringing heavy rain and gusty winds, with the potential for tornadoes, flooding, downed trees, and power outages. The American Red Cross is urging people to prepare their families now, before the weather moves in. “We want everyone to be …

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Jan 06 2017

Polar Bear Plunge 2017

By Amy Mercer, Island Eye News Editor Photos by Steve Rosamilia The 22nd annual Polar Bear Plunge was a blur of costumed bodies (cows, superheroes Princess Leia and more!) who enjoyed the event despite the dreary weather. Participants started to gather as early as 10 a.m. and crowds steadily increased until the ten second countdown, led …

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Nov 17 2016

Message From The Mayor Of Sullivan’s Island: November 2016

Dear Island Neighbors, I hope you are enjoying the welcome, if belated, arrival of Fall weather! It’s a great time of year to appreciate all the gifts of our Island. I wish you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and encourage everyone to spend a few moments to actually give thanks, reflecting on our great …

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