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Aug 28 2018

Flying Free For A Cause

By Mimi Wood, The Island Eye News Staff Writer “I am mortified to admit this,” grimaces Michael Fiem, “but the first year we ‘flew’ kids for Camp Happy Days, we were paid.” He explains, “We had no idea what we were hired for.” Fiem, along with his Tidalwave Watersports partners Mark Fiem and Michael Malley, …

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May 23 2018

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: May 2018

Dear Island Neighbors, Well, it looks like our entry to summer will be marked with a bit of traffic hassle thanks to the Wando I-526 bridge closure caused by cable failure. (I wonder how many confused folks called Comcast to complain?) But right here on the Island, there’s a lot going on these days, so …

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Apr 04 2018

Training For The Bridge Run? Don’t Mess It All Up On Race Day!

By Meredith Nelson, M.Ed for The Island Eye News If you are planning to run the 2018 Cooper River Bridge Run, I know you and 39,999 other people will have a blast. It’s always a fun time, for not only the seasoned competitive runners, but also those who are there, some in costume, for the …

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Mar 09 2018

Letter To The Editor: Shark Sighting

Dear Editor, Hi! I’m visiting here from MI. Some locals I met on the beach said you might be interested in this photo I took on Feb. 5 at 7:30 a.m. I was at IOP, Station 25-26 area. Actually I saw 3 different shark heads in this location within 4 days, all in the same …

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Oct 18 2017

Best Fishing Of The Year Is Here

By Geoff Bennett for The Island Eye News Fall has arrived with cooler weather and shorter days. But don’t put your boat away just yet because we’re about to experience the best fishing of the year! Fishermen can continue to find success with live bait but artificial lures should become increasingly effective. Make time to …

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Sep 25 2017

Ralph Piening Runs For A Isle Of Palms City Council Seat

By Ralph Piening for Island Eye News It is with excitement that I announce I am running for a seat on the IOP city council. My wife and I have lived at 246 Forest Trail for 18 years and we want to make sure the island maintains its residential character and city council always puts …

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Aug 08 2017

Advice To Hatchlings

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Photos by Barb Bergwerf. Now that our loggerhead nests are hatching and producing tiny sea turtles, we thought it was again time to give them some advice. Our beloved state reptiles certainly don’t need any since they have been instinctively nesting and surviving for over 100 million …

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Sep 22 2016

Try These Tricks To Optimize Fall Fishing

By Geoff Bennett for Island Eye News The perfect storm that makes fishing so great in the fall is about to begin. The combination of lower water temperatures, tons of bait and fewer fishermen on the water makes for fantastic conditions. The fact that cooler days will make fishing much more pleasant doesn’t hurt either. …

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Sep 07 2016

Imagine A Turtle’s Start Inside Soft, Leathery Egg

By Mary Pringle for The Island Eye News Loggerhead eggs normally take 45 to 60 days to hatch. There is an amazing process involved from the time they are deposited in the sand by the mother until the hatchlings crawl to the ocean. Many things have to be just right for their successful emergence from the …

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Jul 23 2016

Beneficial Insects Can Help Gardens Survive In Summer

By Wendy Sang for Island Eye News Photos by Wendy Sang Well folks, if the nearconstant triple digit heat indices aren’t enough of an indication for you, let me be the first to officially welcome you to the dog days of summer. Have you ever wondered where the phrase “dog days” came from? For starters, …

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