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Sullivan’s Island Police Report: November And December 2014


11/05/14 – The owner of SALT reported that after a dinner event the inventory of alcohol was short several bottles of liquor.

11/05/14 – An officer issued a parking ticket on an illegally parked vehicle, while placing the ticket on the vehicle the officer observed marijuana and paraphilia on the console of the vehicle.

Later, the officer observed a subject entering the vehicle and the office approached and inquired the subject about the items. The subject admitted that the items were in fact drugs and admitted that they were his. The subject was cited and released on scene.

11/06/14 – A complainant reported that she received a call from a subject claiming to be her grandson who stated that he was in jail in California and needed $2,000 to get out and for attorney fees. The complainant began to question the subject and asked what his brother’s name was and the caller began cussing and hung up.

The complainant called her grandson and verified that he was not in jail and that he had not called her; the officer checked the number that came back to GoDaddy.

11/13/14 – A complainant reported that she spoke to a subject about replacing some windows in her house; the subject asked for a check for the cost of the windows and cashed the check.

The complainant checked with the window company who stated that the subject had not ordered any windows. The incident is under investigation.

11/14/14 – While checking a construction site an officer observed a vehicle backed in next to the house, when he got out checking the vehicle the subject started the vehicle and drove off. The officer jumped back in his vehicle and pursued the vehicle.

The vehicle was driving without lights and failed to stop for a stop sign but stopped a very short time after. The subject was arrested and while being searched, drugs were found in the subject’s pockets.

11/28/14 – While investigating a vehicle accident, it was learned that one of the drivers had an outstanding arrest warrant from Mount Pleasant for shoplifting. The subject was detained until Mount Pleasant police arrived and took the subject into custody.

11/29/14 – A vehicle was stopped for traffic violations, the subject who was unable to drive was arrested and lodged into the county jail.

12/05/14 – Officers responded to a residence in reference to a verbal dispute between a mother’s boyfriend and her son. The officers determined that there had been no physical assault and that all parties agreed to separate for the evening.

12/07/14 – A complainant reported that a vehicle had driven across her lawn twice since August; the complainant believes that it is her estranged husband and wanted the vandalisms reported.

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