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May 09 2019

Sullivan’s Island Mayor’s Message: May 2019

Dear Island Neighbors,

Welcome to our Spring Fever Edition!

You don’t have to look far or long to see that our busy season here on the Island is already upon us. Remember when Memorial Day was the clear start and Labor Day the clear finish of the busy season, and the rest of the year was relatively quiet?

Yeah, me neither, unless I think way back. Now it seems like the quiet season, when we get one, is roughly from January 2 to Groundhog Day. If that long.

Still, we should feel fortunate that we live in a place that has all the attractions we enjoy.


However much we residents might complain about the crowds and traffic, there is another side to that coin.

I am often struck by the extent to which folks who don’t live on the Island feel a real sense of connection with the Island, and responsibility for its well-being. How many places can claim that?

We are really blessed in that regard, having volunteer services, on a repeated basis, to clean and help maintain our pristine beach and marshes. To name a few (and risk offending other worthy groups inadvertently omitted): Mount Pleasant Rotary Club, East Carolina Lowcountry Alumni, Wando HS National Honor Society, Pinnacle Financial, Trader Joe’s, Poe’s Tavern, The Boulevard, R.B. Stall HS students from Ms. Schroeder-Iliff’s class, CPAs in their Day of Giving, Charleston Running Club.

Thanks to all those groups!

But our residents are at least as committed as those groups, all year long. Nearly all of our beach paths have been adopted by Island families or groups. We thank the Vannatta family for initiating this concept and Paul Vannatta and Town Administrator Andy Benke for growing and maintaining it. If you wish to sign up to help on your favorite path (or one you think is neglected), please email Andy at (He’s really busy so give him a few days to respond.)


The Bridge Run may feel like a distant memory, but believe it or not, this is my first chance to comment here on Island participation in this year’s Cooper River Bridge Run.

First and foremost… kudos, props and more to longtime Islander Larry Middaugh, who took first place in his age group. This was Larry’s first year in the 80-and-over group, but get this:

In each of the prior 5 years’ Bridge Runs, Larry took either first or second, besting the kids in the 75-79 Men’s category.


And the rest of us? There were lots of Islanders in the Run. Here are the folks who completed the race and listed the Island as their address (The results website lists search results alphabetically by first name, and so shall we.):

Alex Alonzo, Anderson Toole, Andrew Greene, Ann Reese, Anne Parker, Barbara Flaherty, Bayne Selby, Betsy Fuller, Bill Green, Blair Turnage, Bryan Lassoe, Bryant McCulley, Bunky Wichmann, Burton McCulley, Carlin Timmons, Carolyn Thiedke, Charlie Toole, Chesley Farnham, Clay Boyd, Cynthia Brown, Darshan Ayandra, David Farnham, Douglas Sharp, Eric Dodson, Eric Rovner, Frank Barnes, Grace Herlong, Hannah Dodson, Harper Fuller, Harry Clarke, Izabela Barnes, Jacobo Mintzer, James Hiers, Jason Fowler, Jill Newell, Joe Wichmann, John Selby, Jonathan Altman, Julie Medich, Kate McCulley, Kate Psenka, Katy Morgan, Keith Blandford, Kerin Wright, Kiki Sweigart, Kyler Psenka, Laura Kadner, Lauren Fowler, Lori Lyles, Lucy Wichmann, Madeleine McGee, Margaret Byrd, Margaret Greene, Mark Antman, Mary Elizabeth Moye, Mary Gordon Kerr, Merle Tyroler, Michael Koon, Michelle Rovner, Mike Psenka, Olga Blandford, Pat Ilderton, Patrick Hassell, Pierce Cauthen, Rachel Jackson, Ross Cowan, Scott Millimet, Scott Parker, Slammin Sammy [yes, that’s how he registered!] Schirmer, Stephanie Medlock, Tamatha Psenka, Tiffany Moye, Ward Lassoe, Wes Fuller, William Greene, and slowly, wearing his T-shirt from Year One, Patrick O’Neil.


Everyone I talk to loves the new location of our Fourth Annual Farmers’ Market, now at the Stith Park, next to Town Hall. Feel free to park in the lot behind Town Hall, accessed from behind the fire station from Station 20 1/2, or in the Town lot across I’on behind the Post Office (in front of Battery Thomson).

And remember we have public restrooms on the ground level of Town Hall adjacent to the Park.

Lots of great vendors, food, and music…check it all out on Thursdays from 4-7 p.m., through June 27.

Come on out, meet your neighbors, hear some music, get some goodies and have some fun.

See you around the Island!

Pat O’Neil, Mayor

(Cell) 843.670.9266


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