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Mar 01 2019

Sullivans Island Elementary School Students’ Species Project

By Deborah Palmer Santos for The Island Eye News

Brown Furry Lynx
Class: Mammal
Habitat: Lives only in Canada, US and wild forest flat lands near cliffs and mountains
Behavior: Well-behaved; nice pet but big
Appearance: Tan and brownish red, small black spots all over
Diet: Small animals (mice, small birds, rabbits)
Fun Facts:
-Can jump 3.7 ft.
-Likes to hide in bushes and trees
-3 ft long, 9 in wide
-Can climb a tree for 6 min – 1 hr. each day to get away from predators like bears

Students had to identify the different classes of vertebrates. After conducting research to determine the features and characteristics of those animals, they then were tasked with creating a new species. Along with naming their new animal, students also had to identify its class and provide information about its habitat, physical features, behavior, and diet.

Class: Reptile
Physical: Scales, bony, long legs, 25 ft. long trunk, weighs 100 lbs.
Habitat: North of Brazil
Fun Fact: Swallows its prey whole

Lindsey Skinner, our science lab teacher that worked with the 2nd graders on this project, referred to it as a “powerful, cross-curricular project that the kids had so much pride in because they put in so much effort.”

Student Sydney Woods agreed and added that, “We felt great because we worked as a team.”

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