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Sullivan’s Island April 2018 Council Meeting Addresses Budget

By Emma Woodham, Staff Writer for The Island Eye News

The Sullivan’s Island Town Council met for their regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 17 with all council members in attendance. No citizens requested to address the council and following the approval of the March minutes, Mayor Pat O’Neil announced the Proclamation of Holocaust Remembrance Day. Several representatives of the Charleston Jewish Federation were present, including two survivors of the Holocaust. Once Mayor O’Neil read the proclamation, all members of the council lit candles in honor of the victims who lost their lives many years ago. Members of the CJF spoke briefly, thanking the Town of Sullivan’s Island for the days set aside in memory.

Following this ceremony, the Mayor also noted that April 26 is Arbor Day. Other than that, he had nothing else to report. Administrator Benke also had nothing to report besides a few pieces of new correspondence. In the Finance Committee report, Mayor O’Neil reminded councilmembers that the date for finalizing the budget is rapidly approaching. Councilmember Sarah Church announced that she has been able to shave over $25,000 off the Recreation budget for the coming fiscal year.

Councilmember Church quickly reported from the Recreation Committee that the Farmers Market kicked off recently and that food trucks will soon begin to be a part of the market. The only thing that Councilmember Mark Howard had to report from the Public Facilities Committee was that they are still waiting to learn the scope of work on the fire department. Councilmember Rita Langley updated council on the Clean Beach Initiative in her Land Use & Natural Resources Committee report, adding that staff is attempting to educate the public through social media and the town’s website. Councilmember Tim Reese had nothing to report from the Administration Committee.

In his Water & Sewer Committee report, Councilmember Bachman Smith explained that the water treatment plant upfit is still in the design phase, but part of this involves funding. Councilmember Smith made a motion that council consider pursuing an installment purchase revenue to fund the wastewater treatment upfit and other sewer collection infrastructure and capital needs. The motion passed unanimously.

“This has been an ongoing discussion for over six years now, and it’s time we get it done,” Councilmember Smith said.

 He also made a motion to approve the 2018-2022 Water & Sewer Capital Improvement Plan. Councilmembers have had time to review this plan, and the plan passed unanimously.

Councilmember Clark noted in his Public Safety Committee report that a plane had landed on the sandbar right off of Sullivan’s Island, but not much else was known about the incident.

Councilmember Reese pointed out that a trailer is now properly licensed and parked in the designated spaces behind the Town Hall. Councilmember Howard asked if any stipulations existed in the agreement between the town and the boat and trailer owners about what the owners would need to do in the event of a hurricane. Administrator Benke assured him that the license agreement did include language relating to that.

Just before council adjourned, Councilmember Smith asked that the topic of a School Resource Officer be added to the agenda for Executive Session.

The next meeting of the town council is Tuesday, May 15 at 6 p.m.

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