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Sullivan’s Island lengthens dog leash

dog on leashOn November 17, the Sullivan’s Island Town Council ratified an ordinance that extends the days and times that dogs are allowed on the beach with and without a leash.

Ordinance 2009-08, as it’s known to those who speak jargon, was one of the latest fee increasing pieces of legislation introduced by the Council. It was designed to increase the required dog license from $25 to $35 for non-islanders. However, the ordinances introduction sparked a small amount of interest among residents and non-residents alike who offered some suggestion to Council regarding the ordinance. One resident requested that Council also increase the times that dogs can be on the beach so resident dog owners can be allowed to take more advantage of the off-season when beaches are less crowded. A non-resident attended the meeting also saying that she would be willing to pay more for a license if the times were extended.

Afterward, the ordinance was amended and extended the days that dogs can “run at large on the beach area and RC-1” and when they can be on the beach with a leash. The new calendar is as follows:

Dogs can be on the beach and RC-1 area without a leash from May 1 through Septem-ber 30 from 5am to 10am. From October 1 through April 30 they can roam leash-free from 5am to noon. Dogs will be allowed on the beach under leash control from 6pm to 5am starting May 1 through September 30. From October 1 through April 30 they can be on the beach under leash control from noon to 5am.

Furthermore, the Council added a section that gives a $2 discount on the license fee to anyone who submits an American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizenship Certificate which is basically a proclamation that the dog owner will act responsibly such as picking up their animal’s fecal waste.

The changes to the leash laws became effective on November 17 and currently apply. Note that when dogs are allowed on the beach without a leash, they are still expected to be under voice command and the owner must have a leash on hand. Leashes are not permitted to be longer than 10 feet.

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