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Stitching New Relationships

By Susan Johnson

On Friday, April 20, the Sullivan’s Island Kaleidoscope afterschool program participated in the Tri-County Youth Service Day. Kids Council representatives were asked how they wanted to give back to the community and they chose MUSC’s Children’s Hospital. According to Emily Wallace with MUSC Children’s Hospital Volunteer Services, the therapy dolls are used by Child Life Specialists to help prepare children for medical procedures. The patients are allowed to “practice” medicine on their doll to learn about what’s going to happen to their own body. Patients are encouraged to decorate and personalize their dolls, which serves to develop a good rapport between children and hospital staff through play and activities. They are also useful tools in preparing children for their individual treatment processes.

Volunteers Bridget Lyle and Judy Pezanowski assisted the students with the sewing and together they completed eleven dolls that were delivered to doctors and nurses at MUSC. In addition to making the dolls, a cleanup of the school grounds took place.

The day was a huge success and the kids really took ownership of their projects” says Jackie Meade, Kaleidoscope Director at Sullivan’s Island Elementary. “It meant a lot to them to see the dolls they made in the hands of doctors and nurses at MUSC who will help children who are their patients.”

The following students participated in the projects: Skylar Taylor, Julie King, Mary Bradley Heath, Alex Lyle, Nevin Murphy, Meredith Day, Anna Galy, Ameline Stewart, Angeline Krupa, Catherine Curtis, Alexander Liberatos, Chase Spicer, Dominic Hugo, Thomas Fogle, Ross Hamburger and Anna Short. 


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