Spring Fishing Bait Brings Feisty Fish

By Capt. Geoff Bennett for The Island Eye News

Spring has arrived. With days full of sun and temperatures holding in the 70s, our fishery is rapidly improving with new signs of life. Trout and flounder are entering the mix and anglers now have several species to target instead of just spooky redfish. The fish are hungry as bait fills our waters! 

Redfish are no longer focused simply on preservation but are now feeding again. Anglers should consider using artificial plastic lures that mimic bait fish. One good choice would be “jerk shad” lures that are available in a wide variety of colors and have become very popular. I’ve been finding that silver hues have been working best although I’ll occasionally throw a darker color when water clarity is poor. As trout become more active, popping corks cast over oyster beds and along grass banks are a great bet paired with mud minnows and live shrimp. I usually use a 18-24 inch leader and a size 1 circle hook. 

When working a popping cork, always try to keep slack out of your line and when that cork drops just reel tight to set the hook. You’ll find that the circle hook will do all of the work for you. Regularly considered our tastiest fish, flounder are a frequent target. We’ve been catching them consistently when fishing with mud minnows on the bottom or mud minnows under popping corks. You’ll want to focus on structures when targeting flounder. Old pilings and docks are good places to explore. Remember that flounder will hang tight to the bottom in hopes of ambushing their prey, so you’ll need to keep that bait down on or close to the bottom. See you on the water! 

Capt. Geoff Bennett, owner of Charleston Charter Fishing, is a local fisherman who knows all the angles.

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