Snowy Grouper Snags New State Record

Staff Report for Island Eye News

Fisherman Wills Hartness recently landed the new state of South Carolina record for snowy grouper off the SC coast. 

Hartness said: “It was a snowy grouper in 600 feet of water. I dropped a speed master conventional reel in hopes to break the record. Previously we had only dropped electric reels because it was so deep but the only way to break a record is to do it with a conventional reel. We knew there were big ones there from previous trips so it gave me the motivation to try it. It was about a 15 minute fight, I knew the fish was going to be a big one. I told the people we were with to video it because I had a feeling it was going to be a record and also wanted to prove I did it on conventional to show anyone who didn’t believe it. The fish weighed 36.80 pounds beating the previous record by more than a pound and a half.”

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