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May 09 2013

Setting Sail for a Brighter Future

By Kelsey Colt

The Carolina Girl is Charleston’s only exclusive special events yacht.

The Carolina Girl is Charleston’s only exclusive special events yacht.

Sitting on the top deck, taking in the sounds, views and letting the sweet ocean air blow through their hair was on the agenda for 80 children a few Sundays ago. Not just any top deck but the top deck of the Carolina Girl Yacht. This special event yacht company hosted their annual afternoon for the Epworth Children’s Home that let the kids spend time away and let their minds drift away from any worries they have in their day-to-day lives.

The kids had the full reign of the boat and the Carolina Girl Yacht workers focused on them having a real learning experience. The kids were allowed to explore the large yacht and sit in the captain’s chair. Getting to fell the full effects of the captain’s chair each child took a turn at sounding the horn.

Our crew enjoys this trip every year because for one afternoon these children can forget about everything else and feel they are a part of something that very few kids get to do,” said Captain Bob Murray, owner and operator of The Carolina Girl, Charleston’s only exclusive special events yacht.

Since the yachts are meant for parties, a party is what they had. Turning up the theater sound system that is onboard the DJ played music that bounced off the water of the Charleston Harbor and the Intracoastal Waterway.

The day started at the Isle of Palms Methodist Church where they attended service before eating lunch and heading to the water to hop aboard the yacht.

Epworth Children’s Home has been helping kids with family problems for more than 100 years. Founded by what is now called the United Methodist Church the Home is located on 35 acres in Columbia, South Carolina. They focus on overcoming the children’s past with love and faith that meets each of the children’s specific needs for healing. They are able to accomplish this with the 70 staff members and gracious volunteers who bring their generous hands to help.

The Carolina Girl Yacht created an afternoon that will last much longer than just an afternoon in the minds of these children. “My favorite part of the trip was the music. They always play exactly what I want to hear,” says Mary a current resident of the Epworth Children’s Home. 

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