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Scott Millimet

By Scott Millimet for The Island Eye News

Scott Millimet

My name is Scott Millimet and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Town Council of Sullivan’s Island.

 I have been a resident of the island for nine years and the uniqueness of our Sullivan’s is reinforced each and every day.

Having semi-retired from the institutional asset management business over two years ago, I am able to spend more time at our beautiful home.

This has allowed me to watch with growing concern as our town has been fractured by an issue that could have been resolved in a much more cohesive, less divisive manner. That issue of course pertains to the Maritime Forest and the pending large scale cutting that has been put forth and approved by the current council.

I was, am, not in favor of this settlement. A council person’s responsibility to their constituency lies in listening to their concerns, leading towards a consensus and executing and delivering solutions that represent that constituency.

No doubt – in this case there was no listening, little leading and a poorly executed and delivered settlement.

It is my pledge to the voters of Sullivan’s Island to provide a platform in which the council will listen to your concerns, provide transparency to the decisionmaking process, and enact policies that are in the interest of our town as a whole, not a select few.

As background, I am an army brat and attended Texas A&M University where I received a BS in economics and an MS in agricultural economics (international trade). I spent over 40 years managing businesses around the globe and the US in the commodities and financial fields. 

Most importantly, I am the lucky husband to Janet and the proud father of three children, one of which is a charter school principal, one of which is an air traffic controller and one that is about to start residency following four years of medical school. It seems that “giving back” runs in the family and it is now my turn to play catch up.

I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible during the campaign.

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