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Sandy Ferencz Not Seeking Re-election

By Sandy Ferencz for Island Eye News

For the first time since 2011, the residents of the Isle of Palms will go to the polls and have more candidates than positions from which to fill the available seats.

November 7 is a pivotal opportunity to drastically change the composition of the Council and the Mayoral position.

To best attain this goal, I will not seek reelection to my seat in the general election. All my efforts will be spent to assure that fiscal responsibility, information transparency and new energy is injected into local government through the election of at least three NEW Council members and a new Mayor.

The 6-3 voting block which has plagued this Council over the last four years of my tenure must be rebalanced so decisions can be made based on facts, not cronyism. New members will seek information with new eyes, ears, and energy, working to restore an Island of the residents and for the residents.

I want to thank each of you who emailed, called, stopped me on the street to express your concerns, or came to Council Chambers and expressed your love for our island. I ask that those of you who have supported me these four years please listen with open minds to this new group of candidates. They are our pathway to returning the emphasis of Council back to the residents’ needs rather than tourists’ wants.





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