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Sand Sculpture

By Maddie Heid  for The Island Eye News 

The winner of the overall most creative titled, “Nurses take the shots,” honored health care workers who worked tirelessly during COVID-19. 
(Photo provided by Isle Of Palms Recreation Department Facebook)

Since 1988, the Isle of Palms has been hosting an annual Sand Sculpting Competition over Memorial Day weekend. Complications with the tides led to this year’s event being hosted on June 5, with over 23 teams showing up to compete. The competition was broken into seven categories: best of childrens, best of young adults, best of family, best of adults, most creative, best architectural, and best of the show overall. The teams are allowed to use shovels and forms to help create their designs, but once the six judges come around to look, only natural beach materials like seaweed and seashells are allowed to be included. Although the sand sculptures can be meticulous in design and miraculously tall, it’s shocking to learn the max amount of time allowed to build is only three hours. This year’s most architectural winner was titled “Easter Isle Of Palms,” which included six Easter Island Heads facing one another in a semicircle. With the amount of detail and the heads being over 3 feet tall, it was no surprise this team was crowned the winner for this category. The winner of the overall most creative titled, “Nurses take the shots,” honored our healthcare workers who worked tirelessly during COVID-19. The Sculpture spelled out love, with the O being a heart with a BP heart monitor running through it. A piece titled “Pawsitive Vibes” took the winner for Best of the show overall. The Sculpture was a dog playing the piano and signified life getting back to normal after the pandemic and finally getting back together at a bar. 

Besides receiving the title of overall winner, the competitor’s names and piece title were carved into a trophy shown off at the Isle of Palms Recreation Department. Winners were able to take home prizes that sponsors around the Isle of Palms graciously gave. 

Prizes included things like toys, hats, kayak tours, and even a Yeti cooler.

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