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Safe And Comfortable At Home

By Reagin von Lehe for The Island Eye News

Raven Drive, Sullivan’s Island. (Photo courtesy of Renaissance South Construction.)

Residents of Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms have been sheltering in place for more than four months, spending more time than ever inside their homes in an effort to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. When the beaches and restaurants were temporarily closed, there was little else to do but stay safe in their houses.

Both cities have begun to re-open, but the threat of the virus remains.

At least one local company saw the situation as an opportunity to accommodate their clients’ needs in a changing world. PRISM-award winning residential builder Renaissance South Construction was determined to continue to excel in the everevolving construction industry.

Rob Crawford, owner and president of Renaissance South, explained the elaborate changes his company is making to enhance the pandemic living experience and make it as comfortable and desirable as possible.

 “[We used] things to just kind of help the inside area communicate with the outside area, making the outdoors extensions of your square footage and creating great places for you to entertain with your families and grill out and do things like that at home while you can’t really go out,” Crawford said.

Two homeowners, one on Sullivan’s Island and the other on Isle of Palms, directed the firm to gut the interior of their homes and re-arrange or add everything from windows, staircases, porches and handrails to new roofing systems.

Renaissance South Selections Coordinator Anne Harris said a home on 26th Avenue on Isle of Palms didn’t have a beach view to work with, so the company transformed the porches and pool into the owner’s own coastal retreat, creating a calm and relaxing feel that matches the tone of the area.

The Raven Drive beach house on Sullivan’s Island is fairly old, with a basic design. However, the Renaissance South team was able to take advantage of the amazing view by adding a picture window, outdoor kitchen and pool area to give the family more living space and the ultimate ability to enjoy their surroundings.

“It’s such a beautiful environment we live in,” Crawford said. “You should absolutely take advantage of it. Instead of being claustrophobic and cramped, you actually have all of the outdoors stuff that people might not be able to do as much of anymore right there where you live.”

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