Ross Ward For District 112 Statement

Provided by Ross Ward for Island Eye News

I am running to represent District 112 in the state house to ensure this district and South Carolina does not descend into the corruption and chaos we see in states taken over by the totalitarian left. We will never become another victim when I am elected. I will fight back against those attempting to change our way of life by going to the source.

South Carolina is not immune to the poison emanating from the Left. We need look no further than the vandalism of Summer 2020. Our leaders watched as historic monuments were dismantled without so much as a peep. Now, these same leaders stand idle as the statues of men who did so much for our nation and state are paraded in strange rituals. As your representative, I will ensure these statues are treated with the respect and dignity fine works are due. I will furthermore prevent any additional vandalism of our historical monuments through legislation.

To prevent the Left from taking our future, we must take the fight to their home turf: the schools and universities. It is from within the hallways and classrooms their toxic ideas are spread. I will create oversight and ensure accountability is enforced against those attempting to teach our children to hate their country, their faith, their family, and themselves. To safeguard the future, we must protect our children.

Finally, I will follow through on the grassroots efforts to protect our elections. We cannot allow phony pandemics to be an excuse to allow unverified mail-in voting. I will fight for voting identification laws and any legislation that strengthens the integrity of our elections. We will not suffer what our neighbors in Georgia did in 2020.

This moment demands a fight; this moment demands vision; this moment demands strength. As your representative, I will rise to this moment and strive not only to equal but surpass the demands. We can no longer sit idly by, we must dare to rule.

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