Op-Ed: Response To Message From Mayor Carroll

By Renee and Rom Reddy for Island Eye News

It was unfortunate to read Mayor Carroll’s  “ Message from the Mayor” column in the Island Eye News. While this island is being attacked from the outside, the Mayor used his column not to communicate an uplifting message but to attack and divide the very citizens he governs. It is also astonishing that the Mayor takes no responsibility and appears to be unaware of the unprecedented damage done by his lack of leadership and accountability. 

Mr. Mayor, the restriping of the Connector happened on your watch. You stood by and did nothing about it to this day. Mr. Mayor, the disastrous, ugly Palm Boulevard angled parking happened on your watch and you did nothing about it. Over 60 parking spots were added on Palm contributing to Island wide parking increasing by almost 200 (unofficially 300) over the 2015 parking plan that you say was preserved by your Administration. Mr. Mayor, S 40 happened on your watch. This bill passed the House and Senate with veto proof majorities and landed on the Governor’s desk without any words or actions from you and your Administration. Both the Marina and Rec Center continue to bleed big taxpayer dollars on your watch due to mismanagement. Your administration has yet to appoint a Fire Chief. In your most recent trampling of islander rights, you cast the deciding vote to STOP residents from deciding  whether or not they should reduce their Council from 9 to 7. You knew better than the residents . This is arguably one of the worst records in recent memory. Worst of all, you do not return calls or texts to citizens that may disagree with you and you freely dispense blame. That is why this island needs to chart a different path. 

A group of unbelievably qualified residents, who have never run for office, decided enough was enough. They were also smart enough to realize that with your vote to lock in a 9 member Council, the only way to change direction was to have 5 votes on Council. Individual candidates in a 9 member Council cannot keep their promises or move the needle as you surely discovered yourself. These candidates coalesced around an island first platform and committed to a common set of specific actions to chart a new path. You slam them for not having independent thinking and having hidden agendas. Their agendas are clearly laid out on their individual platforms. The icareforiop platform merely houses the common items they are committed to working together to accomplish quickly. These are specific proposals that are transparent. No hidden agendas. No “slates” as you disparagingly refer to their candidacies.

Mr Mayor, you have been a great citizen of the island. Do not destroy your legacy with petty attacks and unsubstantiated accusations against the very people you govern. Get behind these candidates who have a strong agenda and are not afraid to stand up for the residents. Mr Mayor, preserve your legacy and complete your term with grace. 

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