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Resolution for the New Year: Home Updates

By Hannah Dockery

We’re three weeks into January and hopefully your resolutions for the New Year are still going strong. For islanders, one of the most popular resolutions is finally getting around to those home repairs that you’ve been putting off month after month. Whether it’s updating your bathroom, retiling your kitchen, painting your weather-worn porch, or giving the old island cottage a full makeover, 2013 is the year to do it. While most resolvers give up by the time Valentine’s Day roles around, give your house the love and attention it needs by following through with the plans in your head.

If you have ideas of changes you would like to make in your home but don’t know where to begin, the first step is calling on a contractor to do an overall assessment of the project in mind. Designers and contractors will often do this free of charge. “Getting started can be an overwhelming process for the homeowner, but it doesn’t have to be,” explains Amy Trowman, interior designer with a large basis on Sullivan’s Island and the Isle of Palms. “The first step is to call a contractor to go over a ‘wish list’ of ideas and expectations. From there, I like to develop a practical approach to come up with a blueprint proposal. It should be an exciting process, not stressful.”

Trowman works largely in conjunction with Evan Diament of Diament Builders when building, updating, or redesigning a home. “We find that working in collaboration allows us to better cater to the homeowner and their vision,” Diament says. “It’s important to have the style of construction flow with the style of design.” Both Trowman and Diament opened their own businesses in 2005, and met while working on a job last year.

The duo completes projects of all shapes and sizes, from new construction to single room renovations, on the islands as well as Mount Pleasant and downtown. Oftentimes, homeowners will complete a planned phase of their renovation process, only to have Trowman and Diament return to make more upgrades and improvements. “It’s important to plan ahead, but often we find that we’ll return to complete another phase of a project we did a year earlier,” Trowman says. “People began to realize how great their homes could look.”

Another tip the professionals provide is make sure to plan a budget. There is misconception that home renovations have to be extremely expensive, so be practical with what you are willing to spend. “We’ve completed various scales of projects,” Trowman says. “It’s important to know how much the homeowner wants to spend, and stick to that, with little unexpected costs.”

If you have been considering giving your home a full makeover, or making just a few aesthetic changes, 2013 is the year to do it. “It’s exciting. It’s a fun process,” Diament says.


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