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Record turnout for sand sculpting competition

by Chris Tindal

An amazing 65 teams competed in this year’s Piccolo Spoleto Sand Sculpting competition this past Saturday, June 5, exceeding last year’s number of 63 competitors and breaking the record for this fun, annual event. There were 18 sites in the Children’s category, 7 in Young Adult, 19 in Family and 21 in Adult. Congratulations to all participants and winners, which are listed below.

Thanks especially go to Will McElheny of the Isle of Palms Recreation Department for helping to organize this year’s event, as well as to the judges for their patience and dedication, and to the sponsors for helping to make this event possible year after year.

Children’s category:

1st – Site E – Save the Marsh

2nd – Site O – Molly the Mermaid

3rd – Site N – Clean Our World

Young Adults category:

1st – Site C – Deviled Egg

2nd – Site 2 – Ant at a Picnic

3rd – Site A – Flip Flops on the Beach

Family category:

1st – Site BB – Splat

2nd – Site 27 – Catch a Wave

3rd – Site 26 – Tongue Tied

Adults category:

1st – Site 11 – Yo Ho Ho

2nd – Site 12 – Toothless

3rd – Site 20 – Low Country Boil

Most Creative:

1st – Site 19 – Photo Op

2nd – Site 16 – Spoleto Poster

3rd – Site 18 – Crushed Pineapple

Best Architectural:

1st – Site 13 – Battery Cannon

2nd – Site 17 – Charleston After Dark

3rd – Site 24 – Recovery Tower (Eiffel)

Best of Show – Overall:

Site 6 – Reigning Cats and Dogs

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