Rebates Now Being Issued

By South Carolina Department Of Revenue for Island Eye News

The South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR) has begun issuing 2022 Individual Income Tax rebates to eligible taxpayers. 

The rebate amount is based on an individual’s 2021 tax liability, up to a cap. 

As outlined in the legislation approving the rebates, the SCDOR has set the rebate cap – the maximum amount taxpayers can receive – at $800. 

What’s new: 

• Rebates are now being issued as direct deposits and paper checks. 

• The maximum rebate cap is $800, meaning if your tax liability is more than that, you will get an $800 rebate.

 • If you filed your 2021 SC Individual Income Tax return by Oct. 17, you will receive your rebate by the end of the year and can track your rebate status online.

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