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Publisher’s Note

The Island Eye News needs your help. As the community newspaper for Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms for almost two decades, The Island Eye provides a valuable community resource to residents and visitors – for free. But in the current climate, it’s not possible to continue producing the newspaper without your support. Since 2004, more than 1,800 local newspapers have closed across the nation. When a paper shuts down, a town not only loses a cohesive community platform – it loses its watchdog, its main way of “policing” the politicians whose decisions impact its daily life. Citizens who don’t have time to carefully research important Council decisions rely on small newspapers to do that for them. Without accurate news reporting, misinformation spreads like wildfire – and can do as much damage. Research shows that the existence of local newspapers encourages political participation in small communities and improves decision-making in favor of the collective good. 


We’re asking for your help in two ways: 

• Make a donation of $200 

• Support our advertisers 

The publisher can no longer subsidize the newspaper alone. If The Island Eye is going to survive, the community is going to have to step up. Therefore, we are asking 100 of our readers for an annual donation of $200. In addition, we ask that you support our advertisers. They are literally the lifeblood that keeps the ink flowing. And, if you have a business, please consider advertising with us. When you advertise in a small newspaper like The Island Eye News, your business’ message is delivered directly to the homes of potential customers, and your dollars are going toward helping make your community a better place to live, work and play. Please mail your check to Lucky Dog Publishing, P.O. Box 837, Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina 29482. 

To advertise in The Island Eye News, contact Lynn Pierotti at 843-886-6397 or

Lynn Pierotti 


The Island Eye News

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