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Pro Tips Courtesy Of The Charleston Angler

By Tyler Almond, The Island Eye News

Aaron Kelley of The Charleston Angler.

Fall brings three things to mind: Football, campfires, and fishing. As the water temperature continues to drop, inshore fish will gorge and try to pack on as many pounds as they can before the long winter. This feeding frenzy translates into awesome fishing.

Tyler Almond of the Charleston Angler and his nephew.

The next few weeks will provide anglers with outstanding fishing and is the best time to get on the water. Look for trout staging to ambush prey around creek mouths and oyster bars. D.O.A. shrimp under popping corks can be a very effective way to catch trout during this pattern. Another effective lure is a Zman Finesse jig head paired with a Zman 4” Jerk Shad in a variety of contrasting colors such as bad shad. Fishing these baits slightly up current with a twitch and pause method will produce great results. Fishing live bait such as minnows and shrimp will provide plenty of action as well and is a great way to get younger fisherman into the sport.

On a recent trip to the jetties with my nephew, live shrimp kept the bite going strong and we caught a wide variety of species such as redfish, trout, sheepshead, and black drum.

Fly fishing can also be a fun way to catch fish this fall. Clouser minnows and other baitfish patterns will work well for trout. As the water continues to cool down, redfish will group into large schools and can be caught on the fly with crab and shrimp imitations, but stealth is needed as these fish get very wary.

Fall is one my favorite times of year, especially for fishing. Make sure to take some time to get out on the water with friends and family and take advantage of some of the best fishing of the year.

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