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Pressology 101: Intro To Juice

By Charles Claxton for Island Eye News 

Pressology grand opening, November 2

The Isle of Palms, and Charleston as a whole, is known to locals as having one of the more small-business- inclusive cultures in the state. With the recent addition of locally owned and operated Pressology to the plethora of island eateries, the Isle of Palms has taken a step in the right direction toward supporting healthier lifestyles for all inhabitants.

Located at 1515 Palm Blvd, Pressology includes several options that promote healthy alternatives to the typical fattening drinks that are readily available to the public: The Palm, a cold pressed juice including green apple, celery, lemon, kale, and ginger; Sunrise, a juice including carrot, orange, pineapple, ginger, and much more.

The store also offers Riptide Coffee, Joey Bag A Donuts, and ice cream—these amenities are a product of the previous ownership. While Pressology would love to have a universally healthy culture, they recognize that, often times, people like to indulge in the occasional sweet.

They understand the importance of giving customers what they want.

Tom and Brittany Makowski have done something truly astounding by creating this business. Not only is the couple trying to make a difference in an increasingly health conscious environment, but they are perfectly personifying the idea of an individualized American dream, creating a business that they can stand behind. 

If the idea of a small, family establishment, with both foods to appease the taste buds and healthy options to appease the waistline appeal to you, then Pressology is a wonderful option for a weekend snack or a weekday treat.

 For more information please call 843.885.7072.

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