PRESS RELEASE: Palm Republic Founders Declare Independence In Signing Ceremony

Last Friday, May 13th, the Founding Fathers and Mothers of the Palm Republic signed a Declaration of Independence from the state of South Carolina to protest the General Assembly turning their backs on the State Constitution, the rule of law, the Isle of Palms and other beach communities over the past two years.

Over 200 guests were in attendance at the signing ceremony, including State Rep. Joe Bustos (R-112) and Charleston Mayor John Tecklenburg. Rep. Bustos declared that he would serve as the Ambassador to the State House and Mayor Tecklenburg submitted his credentials to be Ambassador to the State of Charleston. More than two dozen signers, dressed in Revolutionary-era regalia and powdered wigs, signed the Declaration at the Windjammer, which serves as the Palm Republic’s capital. The ceremony included “foreign aid” consisting of rum and key lime cake from the Conch Republic of Key West, which inspired the Palm Republic’s tongue-in-cheek protest. 

Since 2020, Isle of Palms residents have been in a heated debate with the General Assembly and the South Carolina Department of Transportation over parking on the island and removal of the emergency lane on the IOP connector. In June of 2020, the General Assembly passed an illegal and unconstitutional law stripping the Isle of Palms and three other beach communities of their right to Home Rule. Home Rule, which was enshrined in the South Carolina Constitution in 1973, prevents the South Carolina legislature from taking actions against a municipality without their consent. The emergency lane on the IOP connector was removed in the middle of the night after SCDOT Christy Hall visited the island and claimed that Isle of Palms’ leadership had not shown her the proper respect. 

“This is about holding our state legislature accountable for their tyrannical overreach and disregard for our City’s constitutional rights,” said Blair Hahn, the Palm Republic’s Admiral of All Seas Less Than One Fathom. “We hope that this will push the legislature and Secretary Hall to reconsider their dangerous and illegal actions and restore safety and the rule of law to our fair City.” 

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