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Police Encourage Diligence After Recent Golf Cart Thefts

By Brielle Asero for Island Eye News 

Throughout the warm summer months, not only has the island been bustling with tourists and plenty of beach activity, it has also been experiencing a multitude of vehicle related crimes. In the month of June, eight golf carts had been stolen from homes around the Isle of Palms, including Wild Dunes Resort.

Through mid-July, there have been two reported golf carts stolen and several attempted car break-ins. Considering the popularity of our city, the Isle of Palms Police Department encourages everyone to remember that although police do their absolute best to prevent criminal activity, action must be taken by property owners to secure the safety of their belongings. Police Chief Cornett states that a few extra steps including getting golf carts re-keyed after purchase, ensures the safety of your vehicle and reduces the risk of it being stolen.

Another important reminder is to keep all car doors locked and to keep valuables out of cars for best protection. Isle of Palms Police would like to encourage everyone that it takes a city-wide effort to stop these crimes from happening. If you experience or witness any suspicious activity, do not hesitate to call the nonemergency number to the police department: 843-8866522. You never know who you might be helping from your call.

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