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Pink For Pink

By Becky Connelly for The Island Eye News

Non Disclosure Apparel, a start-up bra company headquartered in Mount Pleasant, has launched a campaign to donate bralettes to women undergoing breast cancer treatment at the Hollings Cancer Center.   

As part of the “Pink for Pink” campaign, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, the company is donating a hot pink bralette – The Elli Azalea – for every purchase of a bralette of the same color.

“My customers say it’s the only bra they’ve been able to wear after radiation treatment. It’s seamless and stretchy soft, with no digging wire or poky clasps, and I’m excited for it to be a comfy, cozy treat for Hollings to send home with their patients,” said company founder Becky Connelly, whose late father lived on Dewees Island. “I want these women to experience the extreme comfort of The Elli bralette.”

Connelly’s stepmother had radiation and chemotherapy following a lumpectomy in her 40s.   Twenty years later, diagnosed with a different type of breast cancer, she had a single mastectomy.

 “She’s always said how wearing a bra was uncomfortable after receiving radiation treatment – that her skin felt ‘sunburned.’ And both times after surgery, she desperately wanted a comfortable bra but was unsure how or where to find it.”

Hearing from her customers about the same issue, Connelly wanted to do something about it.

“This campaign is just the beginning,” she said.

Hollings Cancer Center is close to Connelly’s heart.

Women in her family have been treated there, and she’s been a part of the center’s fundraising efforts for years. 

“I’m hoping these bralettes will be included in recovery care packages, alleviating some guesswork with regard to the bra situation. These women have enough to deal with, I want this bralette to be a relief for them,” she concluded.

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