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A Shared Vision

By Sandy Ferencz for Island Eye News

In late 2019, a vision for a green space park at the Isle of Palms City Marina was presented to members of the City Council. It was the starting point of a greater vision for a broad-based Isle of Palms green space, beautification and preservation effort. This vision is shared by community members that want a truly mixed-use marina where residents and visitors can enjoy free access to the waterway, as well as more green space and beautification efforts throughout the island.

As a result of the Council’s decisive actions Aug. 25 to repurpose the city’s pending vacancy of marina space for noncommercial use, we are excited to announce that the vision can now become reality. Residents, second homeowners, rental owners, businesses and visitors have expressed interest in banding together in a collaborative effort to identify opportunities, assist in green space acquisition and provide volunteer hours for maintenance of Isle of Palms green space. The plan also includes citywide beautification efforts and overall preservation of our island environment. 

With those goals in mind, we announce the formation of the Isle of Palms Paradise Preservation Alliance.

In communities across the country, combining private and public efforts to acquire, beautify and preserve public space for the enjoyment of all is a well-established practice. The Isle of Palms Paradise Preservation Alliance has received significant commitments of both financial assets and volunteer hours toward our initial 2020 starting target of $75,000 and 2,400 hours of community service. These commitments have no strings attached and are available for the marina green space beautification planning and implementation efforts.

We are seeking the support of the mayor, City Council and city administration for these efforts, and we look forward to hearing from others in our community who share our passion to preserve the quality of our natural resources for this and future generations.

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