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Ben Sawyer bridge repaired

The Ben Sawyer Bridge has been repaired following  a mechanical failure at approximately 11:25 am on Monday, 07-13-09.

Infamous election resurrected by warning

By Ali Akhyari In the winter of 2007, the Isle of Palms community was deeply divided when nine candidates campaigned for four City Council seats. Livability, vacation rentals, and the definition of community were fiery issues which instigated much debate. The Isle of Palms Community Association (IOPCA), made up mostly by business owners, sprang up …

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IOP Council working towards traffic solutions

By Chris Marchewka This summer has brought more than just heat to the Isle of Palms. The swelling number of beachgoers understandably creates more traffic, but delays in getting on and off the IOP Connector have been exceptionally awful; noticeably between the intersections at Rifle Range Rd. and Hungryneck Blvd. This bumper to bumper waiting …

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How a bucket saved a sea turtle

By Mary Pringle During the night on June 26, a female Loggerhead turtle crawled over the dunes near the Isle of Palms County Park, looking for a place to lay her eggs. Turtle Team members Glenn Rhodes and Lois Klein found only one set of tracks leading into the dunes, but no tracks coming back …

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Not so far flung Floyd

by Chris Marchewka Do you know any “board people”? You probably do. They are those lucky few who, when given a well-balanced, streamlined slip of timber (surfboard, snowboard, skateboard, kiteboard, windsurf board, ironing board, etc.), they move with such grace and skill that the rest of us are left slack jawed, wide eyed and perhaps …

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Isle of Palms is one Clean Beach

Provided by the Clean Beach Council On July 1, the Clean Beaches Council released its annual list of beaches which have been officially certified as clean, healthy and environmentally well managed. The announcement was made as families and beach-lovers around the country prepare to flock to the beach for the July 4th weekend, the biggest …

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Surfing gator on the IOP

Elizabeth Smith Darrah of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was in for a surprise when she visited the Isle of Palms during the last week of June. On their first full day at the beach, an animal control officer pulled a “wayward gator” from the ocean next to the IOP pier. Darrah, who snapped the picture of …

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News from the neighborhood: IOPNA Pig Pickin’ Party

By Catherine Malloy The morning of our Pig Pickin’ day dawned with buckets of rain and more rain. The downpour was great for our lawns, but was a damper on our party plans. We were a little concerned about what the conditions would be like by 4pm; the time the Pig Pickin’ was to begin. …

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IOP Council takes it to court

On June 11, the Isle of Palms City Council took members of the IOP Recreation, Fire and Public Works departments to court: the volleyball court, that is. To show their support for the Windjammer and to ease tensions over a recent issue with the bar’s volleyball posts on the beach, Council members and public servants …

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