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Golf and the American dream

By Richard Hricik My father was born the son of immigrants who arrived in the United States as teenagers from the old country that is present day Slovakia. My grandparents left individually as World War I was erupting. They first found each other in Cleveland, Ohio, and then the Great Depression found them. Family lore …

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Looking out for the little guys

Stephanie Aston-Jones spotted these two little guys nesting in her back yard on Sullivan’s Island. Stephanie was able to identify them as Green Herons once she saw the parents fluttering around the nest.

Simple steps to true health Part 3: Stepping up to exercise

By Michael Bronco As we mentioned in the last issue, nearly ninety five percent of those who go on a diet and exercise program this year will fail. That means that for every one hundred people who set out with good intentions to become healthier, only five will do so. Think about that for just …

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Spotting a pale fawn

Abigail Mart of Seagrass Lane in Wild Dunes spotted this piebald fawn outside of her window this past weekend. Normally, deer spotting is a regular occurance on the islands, but Abigail noticed something different about this fawn; it’s coat was more than half white with brown speckling. “We have seen many fawns before but this …

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Ready to sling some sand?

Impromptu sand sculpting on IOP By Chris Tindal, IOP Recreation Department On Saturday, September 4, sand sculpture artist Marc Brumbaugh will begin working on a massive sand sculpture creation on Isle of Palms and he needs your help! The sculpture will be very large and intricate, and he’ll need as many people as possible to …

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Smooth sailing for Sullivan’s Saltwater Classic

Despite a small craft advisory issued the night before the tournament began, the Sullivan’s Island Saltwater Classic sailed through the July 9 weekend beautifully, with anglers reeling in some amazing prize catches. Held by Blue Water Promotions, the Sullivan’s Island Saltwater Classic featured competitions for King Mackerel, Redfish and Dolphin. Anglers met at the Big …

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Wine tasting at Seel’s on Thursday, July 15

Seel’s on Sullivan’s is hosting a wine tasting to benefit Operation Home tomorrow night from 7 until 9pm. We’ll be tasting Pinot Grigio (4 of ’em!), which will be a refreshing relief from this heat! Tickets are $30, and proceeds benefit Operation Home. Seating is limited, and there are a few seats left. If you’re …

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Gulf oil spill impacts economy and ecology of our barrier islands

By Will Moredock It has already burned itself into our national psyche; the image of millions of gallons of crude oil billowing from the BP wellhead in the Gulf of Mexico, a mile below the surface. We can only guess how much oil has escaped, and that guess is based on constantly changing estimates from …

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Isle of Palms Public Hearing and Town Council Meeting: June 22, 2010

By Blake Bunch Mayor Cronin called council to order, and following the approval of the minutes Council member Marty Bettelli asked that the presentation of CARTA’s FY 2011 draft budget be moved up on the agenda. Following a reading of the resolution to adopt this year’s budget, Council approved the budget unanimously. Ways and Means …

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My, my, a manatee!

By Meredith Powell Although manatees usually stick to places further south in the winter, like Florida, the summer months are bringing them a little closer to our home. A few West Indian manatees (Trichechus manatus) have been sighted recently in the Narrows behind Sullivan’s Island and around the Kiawah River, but their arrival isn’t as …

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