Apr 16 2019

Old Homes On Isle Of Palms

Pictured (l-r) are Peggy Wiseman, Clay Cable and Suzy Kopp.

The original owner of this IOP home was the mother of Clay Cable, former Mayor of IOP. The second owners were Reid and Peggy Wiseman, who lived in the home for 40 years, and now me, Suzy Kopp.

The Wisemans sold it to me with a handshake agreement that I would not tear the home down. Reid came by the house everyday for months approving and on occasion not approving the new updates I was making to the home. It meant so much that they sold the home to me that I have two lawn chairs in the front yard with their names on it.

Suzy Kopp is a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty and a resident of Isle of Palms.

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