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North Carolina Students Give Donation To Fort Sumter

By Dawn Davis for The Island Eye News

Fort Sumter receives donation from South Caldwell High School students.

Fort Sumter National Monument is pleased to announce South Caldwell High School students from Ms. Maura Schaffer’s American History class raised over $100 to help the fort with Hurricane Matthew damages. Over a two week period in December, students brought in donations to send to the park. Their generous contribution will be used to help with necessary repairs as a result of the storm.

South Caldwell High School is located in Hudson, North Carolina. Ms. Schaffer’s students were learning about the Civil War, when they saw the alert on the park’s website about the damage to the fort from Hurricane Matthew in October. Ms. Schaffer and her students agreed that it would nice to raise money for the fort. Ms. Schaffer said, “One of the main challenges of teaching social studies is making the past relevant to students in the present. I think this donation helped my students to see how learning social studies is about civic engagement as well as understanding the past. They seemed to enjoy knowing they were doing something that would help others and preserve our nation’s history.”

Park Superintendent Tim Stone and park staff were impressed by the generosity of the South Caldwell students.

National Park sites are preserved and protected for the next generation. It is wonderful to see young people take an active role in preserving their parks for the generations who come after them.”

The park will use the money to help make the needed repairs so that all visitors to Fort Sumter will benefit.

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