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News from the neighborhood: IOPNA Pig Pickin’ Party

Neighbors on the Isle of Palms gather for their annual pig pickin'.

Neighbors on the Isle of Palms gather for their annual pig pickin'.

By Catherine Malloy

The morning of our Pig Pickin’ day dawned with buckets of rain and more rain. The downpour was great for our lawns, but was a damper on our party plans. We were a little concerned about what the conditions would be like by 4pm; the time the Pig Pickin’ was to begin. Not to be deterred by a thing as simple as the fickleness of weather, our host Jim Mueller had already begun the process of preparing the pig at 11pm the night before and was up at 6am on “Pig Day”, preparing the feast. He applied his barbecue culinary skills to perfection and the aroma of barbecue pork permeated the neighborhood and drove out the weather demons. Rainy morning skies gave way to glorious sunshine and provided the perfect atmosphere for a neighborhood celebration of friends, new and old, coming together to talk and relax. The rest of the day was perfect. About 100 men, women and children from Breach Inlet to Dewees Inlet joined us for the day’s festivities. Everyone brought a dish and the food was just delightful. The kids played games and demonstrated what a good appetite really means.

We would like to thank all who made the Pig Pickin’ party the success that is was. First and foremost, our heartiest appreciation goes to the hosts of the party, Jim and Rene Mueller, who not only provided the pig but also cooked it and opened their home and property to us for the event. We would like to thank the officers and the Board for their help in getting the event set up and for welcoming everyone to the event. Also, special thanks go to Jason Stanley of Sailfish Vacation Supply who supported our Pig Pickin’ by supplying 20 wonderful lounge chairs and corn toss games.

Our officers also posted a large sign displaying the names of the restaurants and businesses on the island that are supporting our new residents by offering discounts and coupons for the Welcome Bags. We thank them wholeheartedly for their support.

We sold many IOPNA t-shirts at the Pig Pickin’, but still have some on hand. So if any of you who did not make the Pig Pickin’ would like a t-shirt, just let me know. They are $12, lovely blue, short-sleeved, and are our fund raising activity for the summer.

During our announcements, we informed everyone that the IOPNA will be sponsoring a team at the Recreation Center to continue to expand our community involvement. We spoke with Norma Jean Page, Recreation Director, and she said that we will be able to sponsor a soccer team in the fall. Also, we are requesting that members come up with some additional community/neighborhood engagement ideas.

Mark your calendars for the IOPNA Oktoberfest at the Exchange Club: Saturday October 10, 2009.

Catherine Malloy is the President of the Isle of Palms Neighborhood Association and she can be reached at

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