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New Sullivan’s Island Fire House A Year Away From Completion

By Grace Nichols for The Island Eye News

Sullivan’s Island Fire Chief Anthony Stith says “everything has been great with” the station’s renovations under Trident Construction.

Work on the Island Fire Department building has been underway since the end of 2020. 

When the station was originally constructed in 1991, “it was built for really one person on duty at a time,” said Fire Chief Anthony Stith. “Now, I have three guys on duty at a time. So they are redoing the whole inside and how it’s laid out.” “It’s these guys’ home for 24 hours a day,” Stith continued. 

“So they will have a new kitchen, day room, training room, and individual bunk rooms set up for four people just in case there’s a need for more people, and it also leaves room for the volunteers.” 

The old building may have been stripped all the way down to just the metal framework, but things are “coming along pretty good now. They started framing back and they have a block up on the living quarters side, and they will start framing the side closest to Town Hall in the next week or so.” In addition to the whole renovation of the actual fire house, in the back of the building there will be “a new storage station for the police, fire, and maintenance department. It’s one of those preengineered metal frame buildings, and it should arrive the first week in December so that’s when people will begin seeing that go up.” Projections for the completed project are 10-14 more months. 

For now, construction will continue on schedule, and the fire department will stay temporarily located on Hennessy Street until construction is done. 

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