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Nadine Deif

The following statement was provided by the political candidate for The Island Eye News

Nadine Deif

I am an 18-year resident of the Isle of Palms, whose three children grew up on this island. They attended SIES, Moultire Middle School ( one currently), and Wando High School and have played every sport at our amazing local IOP Recreation Center run by some great people. I’ve been involved in the local community with my family and three dogs. I graduated from McGill University with a Bachelors in economics, I have an executive MBA, and I am currently completing my PhD in business. I have substantial managerial experience overseeing high rise commercial buildings early on in my business career. I was general manager of the Carolina Ice Palace shortly after it opened and responsible for marketing ice skating to the Lowcountry. I have taught business classes part-time at TTC and currently at the College of Charleston. I am currently a founding member and Chairperson of a local public charter high school that I helped develop in 2017. It has grown from 0 to 440 students since it opened in 2018. As Chair, I am responsible for a diverse group of directors and staff and oversee the finances for this taxpayer funded high school. My kids know every nook and cranny of this island and I want to ensure that this continues to be the case for the next generation. In saying this, I would like to see a balance between short term rentals (STR) and resident occupied homes. This affects all residents, whether they are in the real estate business or not. My family and I have never worked or benefited from STR, construction, or as real estate agents or managers on IOP. I have only the desire to see this island return to what it once was, even just five years ago. It has changed too much, and too fast. 

Many long-time residents know how amazing things were, where we knew the dog catcher or police officers by name. It was a quintessential lifestyle that I want to see again rather than the trend towards more bureaucracy and regulations. However, we have our wonderful staff to oversee our safety and this is something that is important to all residents. I would love to hear what worries our residents and be their voice on council. With full transparency on council, and taking into account the law, the expert. knowledge and experience of our staff, and simple common sense, I believe we can turn this trend around and restore what was lost, including restoring our relationships with our neighboring cities, county, State officials and legislators. By working together, one of my objectives would be to get an EMS station on the island. 

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