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Message From The Mayor: Mike Perkis, Sullivan’s Island December 2013

After an unwanted absence, I have restarted my monthly column. There is so much going on within our community and I hope this column provides useful information for our residents.


After over two years of study, the site has been selected for our new town hall building. At the November community workshop it was clear that the site adjacent to our fire station was the overwhelming community choice. We will have the police and town hall all in one building and the building will only be slightly larger than the old town hall. The building will NOT intrude at all into Stith Park, and, in fact, will enhance the park. In a short time the architect will team up with the contractor to get into the specific designs for the building. The approved site is on the town website so please review these drawings and get involved as we all work towards the final design for what will be our community’s civic identity for many years to come.


The contractor has kept the town constantly informed of the progress of the construction and they are working diligently within a very tight construction timeline to keep any construction noise to a minimum. At the public facilities committee meeting the architect presented the family of colors, all in neutral colors for the trim and two main buildings. These were approved and in the future the there will be a mock up built prior to the start of painting so that the public can see the actual colors on the materials.


Council has approved for the water/sewer committee to apply for substantial funding from the South Carolina State Revolving Fund to improve the condition of the Town’s wastewater collection system. Over the past few years we have internally funded efforts to reduce the infiltration of surface water into the collection system. This project will focus on larger areas where the greatest infiltration is occurring. Several options are being evaluated that will provide maximum long-term protection while also extending the useful life of the pipes. We are hoping funding can be secured so work can begin the first quarter of 2014.


It is evident we have coyotes living within our community. While they are a part of a healthy eco-system, we are monitoring their activities to make sure they don’t become a nuisance or a potential danger. If you see a coyote, please report the sighting to animal control (743-7200) as they are tracking numbers, movements, etc. Also there is an excellent pamphlet available at the police station that I recommend everyone read.


Using a grant from SCDOT the Town will build dune walkovers on Stations 18 ½, 21, and 22. The beach access path on Station 21 will then be handicap accessible from the street to the beach. The Town will work with SCDOT to create additional handicap parking areas near this path.


Funding from a CHATS transportation grant along with funding from the County, Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island will allow for the creation of a multi-use path project along SC703 to start late Winter/ Early Spring 2014. Existing paths will be improved from Simons Pt. in Mt. Pleasant to the existing sidewalk on SI. This path is scheduled to have a width of from 5-8 feet with a 4 foot vegetated strip between the causeway.

On a very personal note, I wanted to thank everyone for their cards, emails, phone calls and prayers regarding my health. I never realized how much a kind word could mean. I am truly humbled. This is a difficult time for us and please keep Linda and I in your thoughts and prayers.

Have a safe and peaceful holiday season.

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