Meditation: Mind Over Matter

By Katherine Berry for The Island Eye News

The City of Isle of Palms has extended an invitation to local Reiki Master and Meditation Guide, Stacey Jessen, to lead free guided meditations at the city’s new community dock, beginning at 8 a.m. every Thursday. From there, she can be found, under the oak tree, at the Isle of Palms Recreation Department at 9 a.m. Meditation is one of the fastest growing health trends over the last five years and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the global meditation market is expected to grow at 18.5% between 2022 and 2029, according to Data Bridge. This shows we are determined to manage our mindset and reduce stress and anxiety. 

The reality is, if we do not learn to manage our mind, it will manage us which is where meditation steps in. Our mind is a muscle and like all muscles in our body, it must be exercised. 

In meditation, how we exercise our mind is to focus our attention on one thing. For example, we can focus on our inhales and exhales. Each breath cycle, where we are centered, is flexing our mindful muscles. Then, when our mind starts to wander, notice it and bring your attention back to your breath. Each time we pull our attention back, we are strengthening our mind. Overtime, our mindful muscles will become stronger and our brain will start to rewire. 

Creating new space and awareness invites a new perspective and we may begin to notice responding differently to ‘trigger’ conversations. 

We choose to become aware of what is brewing within and approach challenging conversations with compassion and more understanding versus anger and hostility. We can also notice changes in how we feel, how we process our thoughts and how we interact with those around us but remember, this is a practice. It doesn’t happen overnight but the benefits are boundless. 

Today, modern science and technology are able to accurately chronicle the impact of meditation within patients. They are beginning to unveil the magical secrets of this ancient practice relative to the positive impact it is making in people’s health. Everything from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, including but not limited to aging, stress, pain, anxiety, healing, depression, sleep, PTSD, libido, brain fog, emotional stability, better relationships, emotional intelligence, mental clarity, mental health, ADHD, OCD and on and on. 

There aren’t many of today’s diseases that can’t be alleviated with a practice of meditation integrated into our daily lives. After all, our mind determines our experiences and when we can choose to become aware of our thoughts and respond, versus react, our experiences transform. 

This is a free community activity available for anyone interested in exploring meditation. 

The City of Isle of Palms has gifted meditation to the community and Stacy is an experienced guide. 

Bring a friend, or three on Thursdays. 

It’s a short, sweet and painless way to enhance your day.

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