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Sep 20 2019

Mark Sanford To Run For President

Provided for Island Eye News 

Former South Carolina Governor and U.S. Representative (R-SC-1) Mark Sanford announced Sept. 8  that he will run as a Republican candidate for the Office of President of the United States. Governor Sanford intends to start a national debate and discussion around the debt, deficits and spending which he believes has been ignored by both Democrat and Republicans in this Presidential election cycle.

“We can’t wait another four years to have a debate on our country’s finances. We are indeed walking our way to the most predictable financial crisis in the history of man, and with it comes frightening financial implications for each one of us and our country. This issue is the absolute focus of this campaign,”stated Governor Sanford. “Our focal point is on debt, deficits and spending because our present course leads us personally and as a nation to financial disaster and harm to jobs and the American dream. In simplest terms it’s a clear and present danger to our Republic.”  

Sanford also wants to lead in efforts to bring civility and humility back to politics and government. “The President’s approach has hampered needed debate and while he is often good in recognizing what’s been ailing many Americans, he has not been as skillful in producing the “hows” of fixing what’s wrong. In many cases he has simply railed against the system, and while there are big parts of Washington that need repair, throwing out institutions and traditions that have tempered the fiery spirits of politics for more than 200 years would be a mistake – particularly if you are a conservative.”

Mark Sanford joins former Massachusetts Governor William Weld and former U.S. Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL-8) and President Donald J. Trump in the Republican primary field.

Mark Sanford has twice represented the First District of South Carolina in the United States Congress, served as the 115th Governor of South Carolina, worked in real estate, operated his family farm and above all has had the blessing and honor of raising four great sons.

He first learned the themes of hard work, the value of a dollar, and more on that very family farm. He brought these lessons to Washington, D.C. as a U.S. Representative and then to Columbia, S.C. as Governor where his record as a fiscal reformer and budget hawk was incontestable.

During his 12 years in Congress, Mark was ranked number one by several taxpayer organizations for his efforts to limit federal taxes and spending and watch out for the American taxpayer. He served on a variety of committees, ranging from Transportation & Infrastructure to Budget, Oversight and Science.

During his two terms as the 115th Governor of South Carolina, he accomplished a long list of firsts – the first marginal income tax rate in state history, the largest recurring tax cut in state history, the first-of-its kind tort reform, the first in workers’ comp reform, and the first-in-the-nation statewide charter school reform.

As Governor, Mark’s focus was to make the state a more inviting place in which to live, invest, and build a business. Cumulatively this led to a record setting $24 billion in capital investment for around the world.

Mark graduated from Furman University where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Business. He later received a Master of Business Administration from the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. He has four sons resides in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

To get involved in and support the SANFORD 2020 Campaign visit

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