May 28 2019

Making Memories

By Carey Sullivan for The Island Eye News

The Dewees Island Memory Garden established in 2016. (Photo by Judy Drew Fairchild)

Making memories is what life is all about. Dewees Island was thoughtfully designed, by both the developer and Mother Nature, to be a place where people made memories.  Around the island are intentionally placed wooden swings, encouraging “chance” encounters with neighbors and nature.  The many docks invite you to sit and observe or perhaps be a more active participant and gather with friends to enjoy a dock jump, catch your dinner of fish, crab, or shrimp, or enjoy an evening cocktail while you watch the sunset.

The memories made on Dewees can seem like ‘once in a lifetime’ for many people but for Deweesians, we know these to be part of the everyday magic of our home. From sunrise to sunset, across the seasons and through the years, the memories that can be made on Dewees will last forever. 

Coming across fresh tracks from a mother loggerhead turtle nesting, the amazing experience of a turtle nest hatching, catching a shark from the ocean, watching dolphins race the ferry or seeing an eagle soar overhead are all memories that are easily made on Dewees.

One of the most recent building projects on Dewees speaks to the importance of memory and the richness of our community.  In 2016, after many years of conceptualizing, planning, and finally constructing, the Dewees Island Memory Garden was dedicated as a community gathering spot to honor the memories of Deweesians who have passed, record the memories of the present, and provide a spot for many future memories to come. This architecturally simple but stunning structure, with hand built oyster tabby walls, is a testament to the true meaning of community. At the dedication, architect Stephen Anderson stated, “The root word of community is ‘mun,’ meaning ‘gift,’ and by building this [Memory Garden] we have given a gift to those who come after us and those who came before us.” You don’t have to be on Dewees to create memories or community, but those of us who call Dewees home have found the best of both on our little island paradise.

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