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Making Good Choices

By Susan King, Sullivan’s Island Elementary School Principal, for The Island Eye News

: Deputy Mike Costanzo with student Finn Turnage, who was SRO for a day.

Mike served as our school resource officer for the past two years. He was the first SRO ever designated solely to our school. Kids, staff and parents love him dearly. In the role of SRO, he reports to the school each day, works with us to maintain a safe environment and interacts with students to build positive relationships with law enforcement. Honestly, I can’t imagine not having an SRO. 

Deputy Costanzo and I work together to talk with students about making good choices and how to make amends when not-so-good decisions crop up. He greets students in the morning, talks with them during lunch, helps out with class projects, serves on our School

Safety Team and helps the school connect with other agencies whenever needed – for road work or any medical emergency, for example. He also works with families in crisis, updates our staff on safety protocols and works closely with the Sullivan’s Island Police Department on issues that concern the school and the community.

We recently delivered 90 student cards and videos to his family. Additionally, we raised $3,000 to purchase his daughter a Publix gift card to help her during this difficult time. His daughter is the only family member able to visit, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

 His family reports that they are very thankful that he is alive – in fact, it’s a miracle. His mom asks that we remind everyone also to keep the tow truck driver’s family and the driver of the truck that hit the car in our thoughts and prayers as well.

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