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Lowcountry Senior Games Return

By Rebecca Steele for The Island Eye News

Nathan Calhoun performs for Franke at Seaside Residents.

Bishop Gadsden was very proud to host this year’s second annual Lowcountry Senior Games, a celebration of being anything but retired. The Lowcountry Senior Games were led this year by Bishop Gadsden’s Wellness Manager, Comfort Richardson.

(L-r) Shannon Jones, Norman Walsh, and Susan Legrae, BG staff and residents

The event opened with a tunnel of BG’s finest welcoming in the competitors from The Village at Summerville and Franke at Seaside. The three communities meshed well together fostering a positive and competitive atmosphere. Bishop Gadsden’s President/CEO, Bill Trawick opened up the ceremony with a warm welcome, followed by Chaplain Tom Wilson’s blessing of the games and sponsorship for any future walking on water events, the singing of the national anthem, and finally presenting the torch. With the opening rituals completed the games began.

Each of the retirement communities sent two competitors to represent them in one of the five games being held; those games were bocce ball, the spelling bee, the golf croquet tournament, water walking, and speed walking. When all the games were complete, the athletes and staff assembled to Bishop Gadsden’s Palm Court to a feast for the champions catered by Bishop Gadsden and accompanied by Bishop Gadsden’s Wellness Trainer Nathan Calhoun’s band Calhoun’s Calling.

With bellies full and spirits high, Bill Trawick President/ CEO and Sarah Tipton Vice President/COO began the closing ceremonies. The champions were each awarded a gold, silver, or bronze medal. The overall points from each medal were applied to tally up the final score to determine the winning community. Bishop Gadsden brought home four gold medals, five silver medals, and one bronze medal bringing them to first place in the games with a score of 23 points. Franke at Seaside came in a close second place scoring 21 points, and The Village at Summerville finished strong in third place at 16 points.

 Aside from competition, the real treasure in being a part of the games is the opportunity to support fellowship among retirement communities and to prove that the retired life is anything but retired. There are always opportunities to expand our wellness, and as we age, we should continue to live our lives to the fullest. This year’s games were a success, and Bishop Gadsden is already looking forward to next year’s competition.

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