Mar 06 2019

Local Physical Therapist Writes Book On Sciatica Relief

Staff Report for The Island Eye News

Local business owner Dean Volk, PT, MPT recently became a published author by releasing “Sciatica Relief Now – I Helped My Wife Overcome Excruciating Sciatica, Now It’s Your Turn.”

 Owner of two local physical therapy clinics, Volk Physical Therapy of Concord and Harrisburg, has been serving the Cabarrus region since 2006. In addition to recently starting a concierge PT business in Charleston, Volk has been doing webinars for sciatica sufferers all over the world. With 200+ people, per month, joining his Sciatica and Piriformis Syndrome RELIEF Facebook Group, Dean’s following and impact has been growing worldwide.

Many clients are benefitting from his expertise and offerings from coast to coast as well as Norway to Australia and Canada to Pakistan. In addition to his book, Facebook group, and local practices, Volk offers online video consultations as well as membership group sites which is accessible for a small monthly fee.

Volk said he loves giving people hope, watching his clients’ lives turn around and helping them return to doing the things they love, while avoiding dependence on pain medications and life altering surgeries.

Christine Vallestad, a paying membership site member, who lives in Norway writes, “I had suffered 13 years of piriformis pain and sciatica. I had been to countless specialists, endured multitudes of MRIs, scans and tests. I tried medications, dry needling, massages, chiropractic treatments, personal training, physical therapy and so on. The pain did not let up and I could tell, I was at best, being bandaged over but never healed. This is until I met Dean. With his simple yet effective approach, I have begun to set my body in balance and am on a path to healing. I used to dread doing my past exercises because they never fully worked and they were very time consuming. Dean’s exercises are easy, effective, can be done anywhere, and I feel the results instantly. I was extremely skeptical, but after one week of doing Dean’s program I had zero back pain (with L4, L5, S1 disc herniations and degeneration diagnosis from MRIs). I noticed instant changes during the free consult but did NOT expect the quick relief I have experienced thus far. I had already invested so much time and money into false hopes for a cure. With the free consult, it was easy to pop on my laptop and talk to Dean from the comfort of my home for free. Even easier is paying a very small price for his membership that I can easily access on my mobile phone each week and whenever I need additional support. Just driving around to specialists used more money in gas monthly then I’ve spent on this program. I look forward to the future now because I can feel my body unraveling from its twisted positions that got it in this pain in the first place and looking forward now to total healing. Dean uses a pain free whole body approach to healing that literally fixes every issue that arises in the body. I walk differently, stand differently, and feel different because of this program. To top it all off the support from our members only site has been invaluable as I make my way towards a new pain free lifestyle.”

In addition to being busy in his clinics as well as online, Volk writes articles for the Independent Tribune, the Charleston Mercury as well as Oblique Magazine of Charleston. Dean holds online webinars in addition to in person workshops in both Charleston and Concord, with hundreds of people receiving help over the past years.

 Volk can be reached at, call 704.707.4282. The website for the book is

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