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Sep 17 2019

Local Doctor Competes In Lip Sync For Lungs

By Allie Kubu for Island Eye News 

“We must and we will improve the lives of those afflicted by these terrible diseases.”

Isle of Palms may soon have a new celebrity – Island resident Dr. Robert Beall is scheduled to strut his stuff on Sept. 26 for the Lip Sync for Lungs event sponsored by the American Lung Association. The fundraiser focuses on raising money for those with lung diseases. Like many, Beall is no stranger to lung ailments, having had his own 92-year-old father (now in remission), “Chief White Cloud,” afflicted with lung cancer.

“I see how devastating this can be and how having healthy lungs is key to quantity of life.

Not to be blessed with healthy lungs is often a sentence to have a lower quality of life,” Robert said. When recruited by Kim Powell, he couldn’t refuse an opportunity to improve the lives of those closest to him.

A philanthropist at heart, Beall procured his duty to support those less fortunate when the software life didn’t fill him with the joy he was searching for. Instead, he pursued and received his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the Medical University of South Carolina and after practicing successfully for the past thirty years, he will now be inducted into the American College of Dentists—the highest honor in professional dentistry.

Beall is known best for his dentistry practice on James Island where he specializes in family, implant, and cosmetic work, but his family lineage runs deep within the fibers of Isle of Palms. He is a Charleston native and grew up here with his nine brothers. He adopted his daughter Grace from an orphanage in Tuymen, Russia, sparking another passion— helping children in need.

Engrained in Beall is the passion to assist others, having done pro-bono work in dentistry in the West Indies, Mexico and locally with the economically disparaged with Our Lady of Mercy of John’s Island, Marine Reach Ministries, and Lowcountry Orphan Relief.

While Beall’s familiar face can usually be seen around the island indulging in such favorite beach past times as running in the sand, surfing the waves, and playing volleyball till the sun sets, he has now set his sights on hours of practice for his upcoming hip-hop routine.

Dr. Beall is, at heart, a family man who’s gunning to raise thousands, and despite the heavy competition, take home a win— not only for himself, but for all those out there who struggle to take a breath. Wish him well and support Dr. Robert Beall when he drops it low, all the way to the floor at Lip Sync for Lungs. For more information or to support Beall, visit

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