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Little House, Big Hearts

By Maddie Heid for The Island Eye News 

Several weeks ago, The Island Eye News published a story on the Jones family and their beloved Little House. Many readers were touched by their situation, one individual in particular took matters to a whole new level of compassion. The Little House has been located on Sullivan’s Island since the early 1800s and is considered a gem to the island community. Unfortunately, the family faced losing the historic home unless they could raise enough money to move it to another location. After the article was published, “We received a call from an Isle of Palms resident who had read the story in The Island Eye News. They asked if we would put him in touch with the family,” said Lynn Pierotti, owner of Lucky Dog Publishing, which publishes the paper. The reader was so enchanted by the story that they donated $10,000, allowing the Jones family to reach their fundraising goal. “This is why we publish. I am so glad that we were able to facilitate a meeting between the two parties. It will be incredible to see the net result.” Pierotti said. “As I grow older, the more I appreciate the value of family, and for this family, they have managed to hold relations near and far together. Little House is a valued gathering place for their family to keep its family ties. What a treasure!” the anonymous donor stated. Allen Hazel, a member of the Jones family, was thrilled to see how many members of the community enjoyed learning the tales of their family’s past, “Our family has always had a rich oral tradition. Growing up, we heard the same stories from different perspectives. It was like you were there living it with them,” Allen said, reminiscing. It was the unique history of the house that truly caught the donor’s attention, “my inspiration to donate was history: their history and the significance of Little House as the cornerstone of their family tradition and bond. I hope we can learn more about the contributions of the African Americans on Sullivans Island,” the donor said. The family has advanced with plans for Little House. Next week, they will begin moving the home over to the neighboring property. 

Following this, the family will need to submit foundation plans to the Sullivan’s Island Town Council. A contractor can then build the foundation on which the house will permanently stand. 

They hope this can be all done by the end of the month. “Every day, we make little steps forward,” Allen stated. The Jones family has been blown away by everyone’s generosity, “It’s always surprising how much people care. You know there are good people out there, but when it happens to you, it shows humanity’s kindness,” Allen added. 

The family is still accepting donations in case of unforeseen costs and circumstances. 

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